I cannot thank East Boca Tackle enough for what an amazing season my son had.  This was our first season of football and my son was dreading a new sport, as we walked in to get our equipment he was nervous and honestly dreading another season of sports.  By the time we left with our equipment my son felt like a million bucks and that continued for the whole season.  The amount of dedication, patience, teaching and mentoring that all the Coaches at East Boca Tackle displayed this season truly inspiring.  I cannot thank you enough for the confidence that was instilled into my son and all the fun he had.  We cannot wait until next year!!!


My experience with East Boca Tackle has been extremely positive! I was worried when my two boys wanted to play tackle football more than anything else because they are little guys. East Boca Tackle prepares them with a thorough conditioning program at the beginning of the season, and they teach them the skills they need to play the game. They select players for positions based on their ability and what they are best suited for, and they teach them that you “win as a team and you lose as a team”. I can’t say enough about the amazing coaches who truly love the game and enjoy watching their players improve each week and form a true team spirit! We have had an amazing experience the past two seasons and are looking forward to the next!

LoriAnne Cordoba

Hello. I would like to talk to you about East Boca Tackle Football. My son joined the league back in 2010. He started playing in the Freshman league. I will say I was very nervous to let my son play tackle football. That all changed when I met the coaches and staff of the League. They informed me that all the Coaches had prior experience and training with “concussions”. This put me at ease. My sons first experience with football was amazing. He learned to be a team player and his love of football exploded!!! We are in our 6th year with East Boca Tackle. My son has made many friends over the years and has played with many different kids. The one thing that I admire the most is the dedication that each Volunteer Coach displays. They treat each child as an individual and they help each player develop their skills. We have made so many great memories with East Boca Tackle. I would highly recommend East Boca Tackle to all who have a passion and love for football.


East Boca Tackle family, I am a mother of three children, two of them being boys, and one being a girl. All of my children, (yes including my daughter), played East Boca Tackle football. I’ve been in this league since the very first year, and I strongly recommend enrolling your children in this sport. I as a mother understand the concerns of parents, allowing their children to play this game, but I write this to tell you that it is a safe, caring, loving, skillful and a healthy sport. East Boca Tackle not only taught my children to play the game, but they trained them to act on technique and skill. With the training of East Boca Tackle, my children not only played the game that they love, but they also played the game that you soon will love too.

Shehnaz Hamideh