Spring Season

A Note About the Spring Season

We are excited to announce the first East Boca Tackle Spring Season. This season will differ than our fall seasons in several ways.

  • Our focus during the regular season is on team cohesion and play execution. With a limited amount of time for practice, a lot of basic skills go overlooked due to lack of time. This spring season will heavily focus on football fundamentals and positional skill development.
  • For this spring season, players will be in full pads with our major focus on conditioning, blocking and tackling drills. The coaching staff will also be honing in on skilled positions such as quarterback, receiver, and running back.
  • This is a great opportunity for your player to spend the spring, 2 days per week, conditioning and sharpening their skills.
  • If your player will age out before the 2020 fall season, they are welcome to come back in order to stay in shape for high school ball.
  • All new players are welcome as the clinics will start at the ground level and reinforce the basics.
  • Ages 5 – 14 are welcome.

What to Expect

  • We are currently not planning to play regular games.  There will be scrimmages and other competitive-oriented teamwork activities.  This may change as the season goes on depending on turnout numbers and surrounding areas organizations spring football schedules/activities.
  • The players will be continually working on conditioning and agility.
  • There will be position-oriented clinics; Quarterbacks will work on quarterback mechanics, receivers will work on catching and route running, linemen will work on blocking and shedding blocks and so on.
  • Registration fee is $150 for spring, $300 for fall, or $350 for both spring and fall seasons.


The 2020 Spring Season will run from February 11 through April 23.

Sand Pine Park, 300 New Castle St, Boca Raton 33487
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6 – 8 PM

Need More Information?

Please call, text or email us any time!